Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide citizen input in planning bicycle improvement and in promoting safe bicycling within the Town of Vienna and onto the Greater Washington Area Bicycle Network. 

Join the Bike to Work Day 17 May 2013,
Vienna Police Department
Safe Kids USA




Vienna Bicycle Advisory Committee would like to thank everyone who came and participated in the W&OD Safety and Bike Rodeo on Saturday 4 May 2013.  There were close to 450 attendees at the Town Green who participated in the W&OD Safety and Bike Rodeo. Safety and healthy habits were in the forefront.               

Vienna Bicycle Advisory Committee would like to express our deep gratitude to our partners,  Vienna Police Department, Vienna Presbyterian Church, and Safe Routes USA for making this event possible. 

Thank you to all our sponsors and donors for their contributions to the 2013 W&OD Safety and Bike Rodeo, in alphabetical order: Bikes@Vienna, Diamond Spa, Elevation Burger, Extreme Pizza, Navy Federal Credit Union, NFL Play60, Red Mango, Wholefoods. Visit them often as you are biking around Town.

We would also like to recognize and thank the Friends at W&OD, NVRPA, Northern Virginia Healthy Kids, our many volunteers, our friends and many organizations who assisted Vienna BAC in the many aspects of the event.

From all of us at Vienna, BAC, thank you!!!  See you in 2014!

Wow! Wonderful! We were never sorry to have come and participated in this event. The cooperation/teamwork among the organizers and volunteers was exceptional. The sponsors, most especially the Vienna Police Department and SafeKids USA, did a great job in this project. (Special mention to Cris Janoski who tirelessly communicated/coordinated with participants -- from pre-registration to after-event feedback/follow-up. Hooray!) Hats off to you guys! The rodeo was not simply an event but something educational - I'm very sure those who came have learned something somehow -- from how to respect and be friendly to bicycle riders and pedestrians and the proper way of cycling, to learning more about proper nutrition and the W&OD trail.  We truly enjoyed and are very sure we'd see you again next year. --Mrs. Lourdes Cornelio, Vienna VA

 Bike to Work Day

On Friday May 17, 2013 Commuter Connections and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association invites you to join over 10,000 area commuters for a celebration of bicycling as a clean, fun and healthy way to get to work. Attend one of 70 pit stops throughout D.C., Maryland, and Virginia to receive a free T-shirt, refreshments, and be entered into a raffle for a free bicycle! To register or more information,,

We're going GREEN!


Vienna BAC is very pleased to announce 6 more bike routes in Town of Vienna.  To learn more about the background and locations of the bike routes, click on Bike Routes

Tell us what you think -- if you have any comments, suggestions about the bike routes, signage, please send us an email at

***Bike Racks Coming Soon***

Spring 2013, Vienna Shopping Center - The home of Panera, Foster's Grill will be unveiling their customized bike racks.

Summer 2013, Danor Shopping Center - Bike Racks will be available at Fresh Market, Elevation Burgers.

Summer 2013, Extreme Pizza - Ride your bike to Extreme Pizza and stay awhile for a slice.

Stay Tuned for  Ribbon Cutting Ceremony dates!!!

For the list of businesses with bike racks in Town, click on Bike Friendly Partners and Special Offers tab. 

SAFETY TIP:  Please remember to lock your bikes at one of these bike racks while you are shopping around Town. 

If you own a business and you would like to add a bike rack on-site, email Cris Janoski at

Bike to Red Mango Vienna and get 10% off your next order. To learn more, click on Bike Friendly Partners and Special Offers.

Red Mango 10% Offer

Question:  Which Picture is the correct way to lock your bike to a bike rack?

Picture A 

Picture B

Answer: Picture A is correct.

Position your bike frame and wheels so that you take up as much of the open space within the U-portion of the lock as possible. The tighter the lock up, the harder it will be for a thief to insert a pry bar and pry open your lock. If your U-lock has its keyway on the end of the crossbar, position the lock with its keyway end facing down towards the ground. This makes it harder for the thief to access your lock.

A Safety Tip from our Friends at Vienna Police Department

Start seeing everyone "Eye to Eye" - A message to all Bicyclists, Pedestrians, Drivers

When crossing a street, driveway entrance, or encountering walkers, riders, or drivers in Vienna, make "Eye to Eye" contact to be sure you can safely proceed. 

Vienna Police Department Bicycle Registration

Complete the Vienna Police Department Registration Form which will be forwarded to the Vienna Police Department for review. Once approved, you can pick up a Bicycle License which can then be used for identification if your bicycle is stolen.

To learn more about Vienna Police Department's Safety Programs, email MPO Gary Lose at Vienna Police Dept, or call 703.255.6396.



As the summer activities on the W&OD trail increase, Vienna BAC would like to remind everyone to get B.A.C. to basics and  --

B - Be aware of your surroundings; mile markers, streets, obstacles etc.

A - Acknowledge everything and everyone surrounding you.

C - extend Courtesy to all on the W&OD.

If an incident happens, stop, call 911, and tell them mile marker or street close to you.  Safety is the best means of prevention - Pass it along!


Committee Meeting Schedule

The Town of Vienna Bicycle Advisory Committee meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month, 8:00pm at the Community Center. The public is welcome to attend.

21 March 2013

18 April 2013

16 May 2013

20 June 2013

18 July 2013

All current and past meeting minutes are available online, click on Meeting Minutes to view. 

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 Do you have comments or suggestions for the Vienna Bicycle Advisory Committee? Are you interested in working on projects to make Vienna a bike-friendly community?

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